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Kendrick Lamar just dropped his fourth full-length album DAMN. — and after almost a week's worth of listens, here are our initial takeaways from the rap megastar's newest album.

1. Nobody is praying for Kendrick

2. DAMN. is Kendrick’s first truly quotable/meme-worthy album

3. Which new nickname is better — Kung Fu Kenny or Mr. 1 through 5?

4. Kendrick went full Larry David and made an album about nothing — and it’s great

5. Literally zero people are praying for Kendrick

6. Kendrick just put the nail in the coffin on who’s the best rapper in the game right now 

7. People really love "HUMBLE." — like, reaaally love it

8. Kendrick is officially big enough to make us forgive U2 for infecting our phones with their last album

9. Seriously will someone just pray for Kendrick already???


10. Honest question time: Where did Kendrick go walking the other day?

10 Takeaways from DAMN.

Check back for our full review of DAMN. — coming soon!

Listen to DAMN. on Spotify!

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