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"Four Out of Five"

Arctic Monkeys

It's been five years since AM, the incredible breakout record for the Arctic Monkeys.

Now the band is back with its spaced-out follow-up, 
Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino — highlighted by lead single "Four Out of Five," the world's best song ever about a lunar taqueria that's receiving "rave reviews."

"City Looks Pretty"

Courtney Barnett

“City Looks Pretty” begins like any classic Courtney Barnett track: upbeat, bass-driven, a catchy guitar riff, and Courtney’s signature deadpan delivery. Then, just over two minutes in, the song shifts into a woozy ballad, making it an unforgettable standout on her new album, Tell Me How You Really Feel.


DJ Koze

On his first full-length album in five years, DJ Koze’s Knock Knock is full of highlights, but “Bonfire” (which samples Bon Iver’s “Calgary”)  accentuates one of his best features: finding the delicate middle ground of creating something new without destroying the beauty of the original track.

From comedian to punchline rapper to Emmy Award-winning actor to funk artist to literally becoming Lando Calrissian, Donald Glover is the definition of an artist who can do it all. After the success of last year's Awaken! My Love under his Childish Gambino moniker, the Atlanta-based polymath took his talents to a new level — and he has done so again on his brilliant new single, "This Is America."

Check out the wonderfully frenetic and symbolism-laden video above. If this video is any indication, Glover has not only continued to "stay woke" — he has doubled down on it.

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