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The art of creating an album is one of the most understated aspects in music. There's something magical about how music ebbs and flows during a single sitting and takes you on a journey. Each song has a very specific placement within the track listing; there is a natural flow that invites the listener to keep listening from start to finish.


Here at Runaway Music, we have provided you with the "perfect albums" of some of the most influential artists of all time. These songs — comprised of both hits and deep cuts — work together to create a cohesive album that serves as more than just another greatest hits compilation.

John Lennon began his career as the founding member of the Beatles in 1962 — you know, only the biggest band to ever exist — and also enjoyed a successful solo career prior to his unfortunate assassination in 1980. Author of some of music history's most colossal hits as well as some of the most revered and thought-provoking songs of all time, Lennon's music is the full embodiment of altruism.

As the co-songwriter, bassist, multi-instrumentalist, and co-frontman of The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney always had the uncanny ability to write some of the catchiest and most instantly infectious songs ever — something he carried on throughout his lengthy run as a solo artist. Writer of more than just "silly love songs," McCartney's legendary career has been defined by his pop sensibility and the capability to make you sing along with him.

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Perfect Album Series: John Lennon

Perfect Album Series: Paul McCartney

01. I Saw Her Standing There

02. Got To Get You Into My Life

03. Dear Boy

04. Jet

05. On The Way

06. Blackbird

07. Yesterday

08. Eleanor Rigby

09. Every Night

10. Let It Be

11. Hey Jude

12. Band On The Run

13. Helter Skelter

14. Oh! Darling

15. Penny Lane

16. Here, There and Everywhere

17. Maybe I'm Amazed

18. Live And Let Die

Vol. 1, No. 2 | Paul McCartney


01. Mother

02. Help!

03. Strawberry Fields Forever

04. Tomorrow Never Knows

05. Revolution

06. Come Together

07. (Just Like) Starting Over

08. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

09. Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)

10. Don't Let Me Down

11. All You Need Is Love

12. Happiness Is A Warm Gun

13. Hold On

14. Imagine

15. In My Life

16. God

17. Give Peace A Chance

Vol. 1, No. 1 | John Lennon

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